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T-REX 470L Battery Tray

T-REX 470L Battery Tray

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These are 3D printed battery trays compatible with the T-REX 470L.  They are made of sturdy ABS filament, making them strong yet somewhat flexible, which reduces the likelihood of damage on those rapid unscheduled landings.  Put simply, they're a more affordable way to stock up on battery trays for those who buy lots of batteries for their helis.  They're also a bit lighter - the standard size weighs approximately 6.5g, compared to about 10g of the stock battery tray.

There are two sizes available - Standard and Extended. The standard is the same size as the original tray.  The extended is lengthened by 20mm.

This product includes:
1 x 3D Printed Battery Tray (Black ABS Plastic)

This product is always made to order, so lead-time before shipment may be as long as a week..

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