About Us

Who is KC3D?

KC3D LLC is me - Keith.
I have combined two of my favorite hobbies - RC Helis and 3D Printing - into this business.  I have been flying RC models since 2011, and getting into 3D printing gave me a new avenue of customization and design application.

Why do I do it?

For my love of the hobby.  Despite my personal issues dealing with severe diagnosed depression and burnout over the last several years, I love the RC hobby, and I do everything I can to help people out.  A significant portion of my products started out as me just designing something and printing it for my own use.  When they started getting attention, I thought... hmm.  I guess people want this?  And thus, KC3D LLC was born.

How do I do it?  

Back before this business was established, I was printing with an Ender 3.  Not the V2, not the Pro, the good old OG Ender 3.  After getting the Ender, it didn't take long at all for me to start modifying it like crazy, to the point where it wasn't even really an Ender 3 anymore.  Around the time I "finished" upgrading my Ender 3, was January 2019 - when I opened my first website and offered my products for sale.  I experimented with 3D printed upgrades, accessories, tools and even charge cases (though, at this time, they were only my own cases, and I didn't sell to customers).  Sales were, to say the least, minimal.  But since at the time 3D printing was just a hobby, I didn't really care.  Then, I began experimenting with ABS.  That's really when the trouble started...

My good friend, Mike Dipalo, introduced me to the Voron line of 3D printers - A series of fully open source, self-built CoreXY 3D printer designs.  You start out on a GitHub page.  A list of STL files, and a BOM.  You build an entire printer,  You tune it yourself.  Aside from a Discord server, you have no "customer service". 

But I persisted, and as of the last edit of this page, I have two 3D printers - a Voron 2.4 350mm, and a Voron 0.1.  The V2.4, mainly used for large volume or large size prints, and the V0.1 used for small size/small volume prints.



Seeing as this business, no matter how small or large it is, is run solely by me, I cannot possibly guarantee any specific shipping speed.  Your order will ship, when it ships.  I do not make a living wage from KC3D, so in addition to running this business I also work a full time job.  And in addition to that, run my YouTube channel (which, for some reason, has gained quite the following lately), fly RC helis, go to fun flies, and live my own life.  Please, please be patient with me.  I greatly appreciate your business and your support.  Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

These days, I'm doing alright.  I've worked with several individuals in the RC hobby to bring their designs to a wider audience for a royalty fee, and I've worked into some distributors.  I have shipped all over the world, from the USA (where I am), to Canada, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, and more.  I don't spend much on advertisement and rely mostly on word of mouth.  Once again, I'm not here for the money.  If I was, I wouldn't be here :)

A bit more

If you follow my Facebook page, KC3D Heli Upgrades, you may notice I often use the word "we".  That's simply PR - it's just me.  But in my opinion, I think "we" sounds more professional when referring to a business, so "we" it is.