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Magnetic Swashplate Leveling and Centering Tool

Magnetic Swashplate Leveling and Centering Tool

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Swashplate leveling and even pitch travel made easy.  This simple tool slides under the swashplate and positions it perfectly level and at the exact height for a perfect neutral pitch, with magnets ensuring it stays in position.  Use sub-trim to center your servos, then adjust servo-swash linkages so that the swashplate sits directly against the top of the tool.  Once that's done, you can then adjust your swash-grip linkages to the length required for exact zero pitch on the blades.  

With adjustable servo arms, it's even easier: loosen the clamping screws, push the swashplate down onto the tool, and adjust your servo-swash linkages until the arms are perfectly neutral, then lock the arms into position.

Please, remove before flight.  Do not try to fly with the tool installed, it will not end well.

Due to FDM manufacturing tolerances, in some cases your follower arms (and thus swashplate) may not be absolutely perfectly centered due to slight height differences in the leveler.  This is also the case for helis where the main shaft is shimmed to eliminate play.  It's usually only a fraction of a millimeter and not enough to have any significant effect on pitch travel linearity/evenness, but you may choose to compensate for it by slightly adjusting all 3 swash linkages by the same amount as needed once the swash is leveled first.

This product is always made to order, so lead-time before shipment may be as long as a week.

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Magnetic swash leveler

This is the way to do it!
I'm always meticulous fighting for the perfect trim and KC3D supplies me with another thoughtful print to ease the build on my model helicopters!
Highly recommend if your looking for that perfect swash! Like me!