Solid Dampers for GAUI X4II, NX4, and X5

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When you stretch your GAUI NX4 to a 500 or 550, it's often the case that the stock GAUI dampers prove insufficient for the job.  They are soft, and wear out very quickly in many cases.  These solid dampers solve that issue.  They provide a much more rigid damping for the rotor, making the heli feel much more locked in and precise in the air and with a tight fit on the feathering shaft and head block, they are less likely to wear out over time.  Over a year of testing on several different helicopters, from NX4s and NX5s to X4s and X5s shows that these are reliable and a great choice for your GAUI helicopter.

This product includes:
4 x (2 sets) Solid Damper (PETG Plastic)

Because these are solid and mostly non-compressible, you should take your time during assembly and properly shim the grip using thin shims on the feathering shaft, so that there is no play between the grip and damper, but not too much compression.

This product is made to order, so processing time before shipping can be as high as 1 week.