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JimBoss 600N DTS Conversion Kit

JimBoss 600N DTS Conversion Kit

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Due to some demand from customers, I have decided to resume sale of the JimBoss 600N DTS kits.  The ability to bring production of the carbon fiber parts in-house has made this a much quicker and easier process, bypassing the need for large bulk orders (which require me taking preorders) and getting the parts made in China and waiting weeks to get them.

Brought to you by Jim Saunders aka JimBoss, the T-REX 600N DTS Conversion will bring your T-REX 600N into the world of direct to swash control and simplify setup and rebuilds with a beautiful and modern frame design. By using a T-REX 600N DFC as a donor, nearly everything will swap over to this conversion kit, only requiring a few additional parts. It also drops a fair amount of weight by ridding the heli of bellcranks among other changes, improving the power to weight ratio. The top-to-bottom center of gravity is also raised, improving flight characteristics. This conversion also leaves the tail and throttle servos in their original locations, and reuses the tail and throttle control rods, meaning no custom length rods are needed. It also reuses the original plastic front electronics tray. This is an incredible kit and breathes some new life into the classic T-REX 600 Nitro.

Included with kit:

2 x Matte Carbon Fiber Right Frame 2mm
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber Anti-Rotation Guide 2mm
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber “JimBoss” Bottom Plate 2mm
4 x 3D Printed Fan Shroud Mount Washers, Black

4 x M3x14 Countersunk Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for the Fan Shroud
14 x M3x8 Button Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for Clutch, Upper/Lower Bearing Block, and AR Guide Brackets
4 x M3x6 Socket Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for Middle Bearing Block


    Requires a donor T-REX 600N DFC airframe, plus the following off-the-shelf parts for assembly:

    1 x ALIGN 01-H55B007AX “550X Main Shaft Bearing Block Lower”

    1 x ALIGN 01-H55B006AX “550X Main Shaft Bearing Block Upper”

    1 x ALIGN 01-H70Z007AX “700X Counter Thread Main Linkage Rod Set”

    1 x SAB H0064-S “SAB UNIBALL M2 Ø5 H3,5 – Goblin 500/570/630/700/770″ for Cyclic Servo Horns

    1 x ALIGN H6NH004XXT “600XN Main Shaft”

    1 x ALIGN H70121T Long linkage ball (M3x4) × 1(Φ5x28mm) or:
    1 x ALIGN H6NH005XXT T-REX 600XN Swashplate

    Optional Hardware you may want to consider:
    3 x Rubber Grommets for the Fuel Line Path (one for each side frame, and one for the bottom plate).  Not strictly required but will help your fuel lines last longer passing through carbon fiber holes. 

    • Inside Diameter: 1/4"
    • Groove/Panel Width: 3/32"
    • Fits: 3/8" Drill Hole

    As an alternative, you can use braided sleeving on the fuel line itself to accomplish the same protection.

    It is recommended that you sand the outside perimeter of the frame to protect any wires passing over the edges.

    A T-REX 600XN can also be used as a donor airframe, but will require many additional parts such as the entire clutch stack and more. It’s highly recommended to use the 600N DFC for the conversion.

    Due to the fact that these kits are made to order and are not kept in inventory, your order will not ship immediately.  However, compared to waiting months for enough preorders to make a bulk order from China feasible, it will be at most a couple of weeks typically.  The only disadvantage is that they do cost more than before, due to the cost of buying carbon fiber in the US (even if it's still made in China).

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