Heavy Duty Pushrod Guide for ALIGN 550-700

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Heavy duty 3D printed pushrod guides for ALIGN 550-700 helicopters (or any heli with a 21.5mm Tail Boom), available for both 2mm metal pushrods and carbon pushrods with the metal sleeve.  They are flexible and can be opened fully, meaning you don't need to pull the tail box off in order to install/remove them.  They clamp tight, so you can be sure you won't have issues with them rotating in flight. 

This product includes:
1 x Tail Pushrod Guide for Carbon Fiber Rod (Black ABS Plastic)
3 x Tail Pushrod Guide for Metal Wire Rod (Black ABS Plastic)

Matching Number of M3x16 Socket Head Screws and M3 Nyloc Nuts

The metal wire rod version comes in sets of 3, and the carbon rod version comes with 1.

This product is made to order, so processing time before shipping can be as high as 1 week.