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FrSky R9SX Receiver Mount Combo

FrSky R9SX Receiver Mount Combo

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These receiver mount combos include everything you need to install your FrSky receiver onto your airframe.  

Note about the R9SX:
This receiver has super long antennas out of the package, and so some configurations will not work.  In most cases, you'll probably opt to put one antenna on the mount, and one run off somewhere else instead of being attached.  See product photos for a couple of ideas.  You can also choose to replace the stock standard dipoles with the shorter Tandem coiled dipoles with little to no loss of RF performance, and this will make the antennas a bit easier to deal with.

Combo Includes:
1 x R9SX Receiver Mounting Plate
1 x 45mm Antenna Guide Bracket
1 x 25mm Antenna Guide Bracket
1 x 900M Left Right Antenna Guide
1 x 900M Front Back Antenna Guide
1 x 900M Up Down Antenna Guide
6 x M2x5 Self Tapping Screw (1.5mm Hex Drive)
4 x M2.5x10 Self Tapping Screw (2mm Hex Drive)
1 x 15mm*85mm Strip Velcro Tape

See description below for more details.


Introducing the new receiver mount system from KC3D.  This is a modular, easily configurable and easily customizable remake of our original receiver mount designs.  Highly flexible in nature and available for nearly all FrSky receivers, and you can even request custom tray sizes for your own receivers, even from other brands. 

Read below for more information and details.

Mounting Plates

Mounting plates are available for almost all FrSky receivers, new and old.  If you can't find one for yours, just send us a message and we'll make one custom, just for you.  Most receivers are mounted using a standardized double sided tape + Velcro strap method, which provides added vibration isolation compared to hard mounting, but special accommodations have been made for some receivers (e.g. TD R18).

All mounting plates share the same universal antenna guide bracket mounting pattern, with our unique dovetail joint + screw design.  This allows you maximum customization, depending on your specific needs or desires on how you want to arrange your antennas.  You can run just the receiver plate by itself, without any attached antenna guides, or you can attach one or two antenna guide brackets depending on your specific receiver.  More info below.

All mounting plates are equipped with holes for four M2.5x10mm self tapping screws.  Your feedback told us that the M2 self tapping screws on our older receiver mounts were a bit too small, so we've made the upgrade to M2.5 self tapping screws for stronger holding strength.

You can find replacement mounting plates here.

Antenna Guide Brackets

Each receiver mount comes with two antenna guide brackets - one that is 50mm long, and one that is 25mm long (measured from the edge of the mounting plate to the tip of the bracket).  Both brackets feature identical antenna guide patterns allowing you to install any of our antenna guides to either length bracket, in either position next to the receiver.  For TD receivers, use a 900M guide plus a dual 2G4 guide.  For older TD R18s, use a 900M Guide plus a single 2G4 guide.  For ACCESS and ACCST receivers, use only a single antenna guide bracket and a single dual 2G4 guide.  And so on - the possibilities are endless. 

You can find replacements and alternate bracket lengths here.

Antenna Guides

We offer a huge range of antenna guides, from single 2G4 to dual 2G4 to single 900M in a wide variety of orientations.  This allows you to optimize your antenna radiation patterns within a single receiver, or in combination with another receiver elsewhere in the aircraft for maximum antenna orientation coverage. 

You can find more photos of each guide type, as well as additional guide style options not found in combos here.

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