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Vbar Control 12V Fast Charger for Charge Cases

Vbar Control 12V Fast Charger for Charge Cases

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This is a simple device that plugs into an XT60 auxiliary power output on a charge case (up to 50V) and converts it to the 12V barrel jack required by the Vbar Control radio. Its small size ensures it won't take up much space and should fit comfortably in most transmitter cases.  If your charge case doesn't have an auxiliary power output, but your charger supports DC output mode, you can also use that to power it. 

Utilizes a custom made PCB with a high efficiency, low noise buck regulator by Texas Instruments.  PCBs made in China, boards assembled by hand in-house at KC3D.

Input: 14-50V 
Output: 12V ~1.5A
Cable Length: ~1m (3.3ft)

This product includes:
1 x Vbar Control 12V Fast Charger Module

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
William Titus
Vbar control 12vfast charge for charge cases

Very nice, and handy,

Dave Williams
Vbar Control Charge Cable

I keep this is my TX case as it takes up very little room. I use it to charge my Vcontrol at the field by using the power supply feature from my ISDT charger.

Just what I've needed.

I can't tell you how many times I've needed to charge my Vcontrol and forgot the charger. Now this stays in my charge box in case I need it. It also charges extremely fast. Thanks Keith.