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Brain2 Pin Header Reflow Service

Brain2 Pin Header Reflow Service

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A known issue on Brain2/iKON2 is that after some time, more commonly on internal combustion helicopters with lots of vibration, the solder holding the pinheaders to the PCB can crack, causing intermittent servo jitters, temporary loss of control, and sometimes outright failure.  This is due to the use of brittle unleaded solder (something required for MSH to comply with lead-free regulations).  While unfortunate, it is typically a simple fix.  We can do that for you.  Full proper removal and replacement of the unleaded solder with a more resilient 63/37 alloy.

If you have multiple units to send, set the order quantity of this item to the number of units you are sending.  

1. Once your order is placed, you will receive an email with an address to ship your device(s) to.   If possible, print out your order receipt and put it inside your package.

2. Send out your device(s).  Email us with tracking information if available so we know when to expect it.  Once received, work will begin.  

3. Once the repair is completed, it will be shipped back to you and the order marked as fulfilled.  If for some reason it is not repairable (e.g. due to unrelated damage), you will be refunded minus shipping cost and the unit will be returned to you.

By default there is a $10 charge to add shipping insurance to the shipment from us.  If you opt not to add shipping insurance (select "No" on the product page), we cannot and will not be liable for loss or damage in shipping to/from us.  Shipping insurance is only an additional $10 and will protect you if USPS/UPS decide to throw your package out the back of the truck.  Seeing as many of the items sent for repair are quite expensive, it's highly recommended that you do not waive the insurance charge.

This service will most likely void your manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fixed my Ikon2 HD

Had a intermittent throttle, unit was only a year and a half old with only a gallon of gas run through the heli. Sent the unit in and it was shipped right back. Great fast service and now works perfectly now.

Excellent service! Ikons revived!

If you have iKon/brain units giving you any trouble send them to Keith. I had a few bad units that had been sitting in my box for a couple years, sent them to Keith and a few days later they are in the air performing flawless. Well worth the very reasonable fee!