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BattCaps - Battery Protection Caps (5pcs)

BattCaps - Battery Protection Caps (5pcs)

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Prevent short circuits during storage or transport and indicate which ones are charged using these simple connector caps.  Printed in flexible TPU plastic for easy fitment and durability.

This product includes:
5 x Protection Cap (Black, Green, or Red TPU Plastic)

Additional Information:
"Stick" and "Single" refer to whether you're getting caps for individual batteries or for a 12/14s stick pack.  Since most stick packs have both pairs of battery leads on one end right next to each other, the stick style caps will cover both packs' leads as a single unit, meaning one less cap to lose.  However, if the two battery leads are of different lengths, you may run into issues getting the cap to stay on as one set of leads tries to push the cap off of the other.  If you get the stick variant and they don't work out for you, contact us and we will set up an exchange for the single pack version.

The S5/D5/DC5 and S6/D6/DC6 caps are identical in design, the -5 version simply being a scaled down version of the -6 caps.  That is why the product photos are the same - they are the exact same product, just different sizes.

An adapted version of the RCPP S7 and AS150 Single caps has been created for use with the Specter V2 and Nimbus 550 Quick Connect Systems.  These variants are to be used on the actual battery tray itself, to cover the connectors that stick out.  The remaining two connectors (the ones you connect in series) can be capped with either the same cap or with the regular version of the AS150 or RCPP S7 caps.  

Blue caps are also available, but due to low typical order volume, and to keep my SKUs for this product from being even more out of control, they are not listed as an option.  If you want blue caps, just add a note to your order.

This product is made to order only, so processing time before shipping can be as high as 1 week.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tanner Ingram
AS150 battery caps

Great quality and surprisingly fast shipping for a made to order product - thx!

Brian Glensky
EC3/EC5 Battery Protection Caps

Nice concept and decent price, but the majority of the caps VERY easily fell off; one fell off just from laying the battery down. I have no confidence I could put the caps and transport them in my battery box and they still be on at the airfield. Need to shrink them a couple thousandths of an inch and they'll likely work much better.

Pete Brayton
BattCaps - Battery Protection Caps

I had to modify them to fit my Spektrum Smart batteries but otherwise they work well.

Kristopher Butler
Great product & great service

Worked exactly how I envisioned!

Charles Stogdill

Awesome product. Awesome service!!