Custom colors on starter adapters

Custom colors on starter adapters

This has been asked a few times, so I wanted to put a post out there.  Yes, you can get your starter adapter made in a different color.  I do not have an option on the product pages because the majority of people want them in black, so I print the pieces in black and assemble them in a ready-to-ship box to reduce lead times and maintain some level of sanity by not having tons of different SKUs for each style adapter. 

If you do want it done in a different color, just ask.  Either in your order notes, or send a message via the contact form with your order number.  Plenty of colors are available.  To get the most recent update on available colors, you can go to the product page for an antenna guide and look at the color options there.  If you don't see the color you want, send a message via the contact form, and I can probably get it. 

The only thing about custom colors is that, naturally, they will add some time to the order because I'll have to reprint the parts.  I have no issue with doing this, so if you do want a different color, it's no problem.

This also goes for most products I sell.  Just ask!

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