A Word About White Prints

One of the colors available for many of the products here is white.  While white prints do look pretty neat, there are some pitfalls.

White colored things that are not naturally white, be it filament, non-printed plastics, putties, paints, makeup, and even food, is pigmented using Titanium Dioxide.  It's one of the few truly white pigments one can get, others are much less common and generally don't look as good as TiO2. 

In 3D printing filament in particular, and most plastics, it takes a significant amount of the compound (which in its natural form is a powder) to create a true deep white color, and mixing large amounts of a dry compound into filament has its downsides.  White filament tends to be quite brittle, and is extremely difficult to tune in due to the large amount of non-plastic that is flowing through the extruder.  Prints in white filament (in our case, ABS) tend to not come out as pretty as just about any other color.  There are usually more defects and artifacts, and even when printed at the perfect temperature is still typically quite brittle compared to other colors.

This is, unfortunately, something that is hard to avoid when it comes to white filament.  It can be mitigated to some extent with extreme fine tuning, but is not totally avoidable.  

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