3D Printing

Rapid Prototyping

3D printing is, today, one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to begin the process of bringing a design into a physical product.   There are no expensive molds to produce, and materials are affordable, and those savings get passed onto you, meaning you can get your design produced quickly with the best price possible. You won’t break the bank if your design has a flaw or if you want to make a quick change to the design and you need to get another round of prototyping done, making the process faster and more affordable.


3D printing is a great way to produce things like models, knick-knacks, fidgets and other toys.  It’s excellent for low-to-medium volume production. 

Final Products

Many times, 3D printing is a perfectly sufficient way of manufacturing your finished product.  More and more businesses today are selling 3D printed items as finished products, because it simplifies the process greatly and often costs less than other manufacturing alternatives.

Demonstration/Showcase Items

Models and replicas are the epitome of 3D printing.  Anything from 3D printed gears and bearings to 50-piece jet engine cutaways made affordably for your teaching or demonstration purposes



Affordable Daily Driver Material


Tough and Chemical Resistant


High Working Temperature


Extremely High Rigidity and Working Temperature


Resists Warpage and Shrinkage


Flexible (Shore Hardness 95A) and Extremely Tough

3D Modeling Service

While not the primary service we offer, we can provide 3D modeling services.  Whether you need us to modify an already-existing file, or create something new with your idea, we can help you.  We primarily use CAD (parametric) modeling software.  Contact Us directly if you are interested in this service.