Sullivan Dynatron 4s LiPo Battery Holder

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Conveniently attach your starter battery to your Sullivan Dynatron using this 3D printed battery holder.  It's designed to fit with the Pulse 2250mAh 4s 45C LiPo, but will fit any battery in the same size range up to 33x33mm W/H, length can vary a bit.  You may need to add foam padding to the ends of slightly shorter batteries in order to get it to fit snugly.

This product includes:
1 x 3D Printed Sullivan Dynatron Battery Mount (Black ABS Plastic)

This product has a lifetime warranty.  If the 3D printed pieces break due to impact damage, let us know and we'll get a new one sent out to you.

This item is made to order, so processing time can be as high as 1 week.  Designed by John Dayao.

This product is made to order, so processing time before shipping can be as high as 1 week.

Shipping Disclaimer:
In an effort to reduce waste of shipping supplies, if you order only a Dynatron adapter, it will ship in the single box that it is packaged in instead of being double boxed like they've historically been.  Any additional small items ordered, if they can fit into the adapter box that is how it will ship.  This is in an effort to reduce end user costs, as shipping supplies are not free and the costs are always passed down to the customer.  The only exception to this is if you're an international customer, in which case it will still be boxed twice.