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OMPHOBBY M2 Juice Gauge Telemetry Set (Voltage and Current Sensor)

OMPHOBBY M2 Juice Gauge Telemetry Set (Voltage and Current Sensor)

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KC3D Notice:
Very low quantity stocked for this first batch. Depending on demand next batch may be larger.  We do not sell this kit with the R-XSR, that must be purchased separately.  Other receivers (such as Archer RS) will work, but the included cable is made for the R-XSR and will need to be modified for other receivers.  Must be able to use S.Bus + S.Port or F.BUS.

Never run out of juice on your OMPHOBBY M2 or M2 EVO helicopter with the OriginHobbies M2 Juice Gauge Telemetry set. As it offers current and voltage sensing you can know exactly how much energy has been consumed in your flight and set a warning on your Radio Transmitter at the desired reserve limit. Prevent battery abuse and always have enough juice left for a safe landing.

The telemetry sensor is based on the FrSky FAS40 ADV and is adapted to fit on the M2 Helicopter along with the FrSky R-XSR telemetry receiver.

It supports the FrSky F.BUS and S.Port Telemetry protocol.



  • Supported Telemetry Protocols: FrSky FBUS / S.Port
  • XT30 connectors
  • Current Measurement range: 0~40A
  • Maximum safe current: 40A
  • Maximum peak current: 60A
  • Maximum battery voltage: 6S
  • Weight: 11g


  • Sensor
  • Zip tie x1
  • User Guide
  • Cable for Connection to FrSky R-XSR

Install and User Guide:

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