JimBoss T-REX 600N DTS Conversion Kit

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Brought to you by Jim Saunders aka JimBoss, the T-REX 600N DTS Conversion will bring your T-REX 600N into the world of direct to swash control and simplify setup and rebuilds with a beautiful and modern frame design.  By using a T-REX 600N DFC as a donor, nearly everything will swap over to this conversion kit, only requiring a few additional parts.  It also drops a fair amount of weight by ridding the heli of bellcranks among other changes, improving the power to weight ratio.  The top-to-bottom center of gravity is also raised, improving flight characteristics.  This conversion also leaves the tail and throttle servos in their original locations, and reuses the tail and throttle control rods, meaning no custom length rods are needed.  It also reuses the original plastic front electronics tray.  This is an incredible kit and breathes some new life into the classic T-REX 600N.

Designed to be easy to work on and maintain.  The fan shroud can be removed and reinstalled without dropping the engine out, which makes it easy to work with the clutch/fan and governor sensor without pulling the engine out.  Small details such as holes for screwdriver access to the servo horn screws and zip tie holes placed throughout the frame make this kit very maintenance friendly.  The lower bearing block is slotted and allows for vertical adjustment, so you can eliminate all play in the main shaft WITHOUT shims.

Photos in the gallery are of a pre-production prototype.  There will be small cosmetic changes to the design for production.

This product includes:
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber Left Frame 2mm
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber Right Frame 2mm
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber Anti-Rotation Guide 2mm
1 x Matte Carbon Fiber "JimBoss" Bottom Plate 2mm
4 x 3D Printed Fan Shroud Mount Washers, Black
1 x 3D Printed AR Guide Bracket Set, Black (Optional Part)
4 x M3x14 Countersunk Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for the Fan Shroud
14 x M3x8 Socket Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for Clutch, Upper/Lower Bearing Block, and AR Guide Brackets
4 x M3x6 Socket Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for Middle Bearing Block
4 x M2.5x8 Socket Head Screws (12.9 Grade) for AR Guide Brackets
3 x Rubber Grommets for the Fuel Line (one for each side frame, and one for the bottom plate)

Requires a donor T-REX 600N DFC, plus the following additional parts for assembly:
1 x ALIGN 01-H55B007AX "550X Main Shaft Bearing Block Lower"
1 x ALIGN 01-H55B006AX "550X Main Shaft Bearing Block Upper"
1 x ALIGN 01-H70Z007AX "700X Counter Thread Main Linkage Rod Set"
Ø5 H3,5 - Goblin 500/570/630/700/770" for Cyclic Servos
1 x ALIGN H6NH004XXT "600XN Main Shaft" (See Below)
1 x Swash AR Pin or ALIGN 550/600 CCPM Swashplate (See Below)

A T-REX 600XN can be used as a donor, but will require many additional parts such as the entire clutch stack and more.  It's highly recommended to use the 600N DFC for the conversion.

AR Pin/Swashplate/Linkage Balls:
Because this conversion gets rid of the center anti-rotation bellcrank, you will need a swashplate that has an AR pin.  In addition, you need the larger Ø5 balls that fit the newer ALIGN ball linkages, including the 550X linkages used on this conversion.  You have the option of buying the 550/600 CCPM swashplate AGNH60H004XX, or buying the ball set separately (AGNH70121 "ALIGN Linkage Ball Assembly (700 DFC)") and installing it onto your own swashplate.  The recommended solution is the 600XN swashplate as it has the guaranteed correct geometry for the 550X servo layout.  The 600XN swashplate will work whether you use the FL head or DFC.

Main Shafts:
For the newer ALIGN FL rotorhead (from 550X/600XN), you can use ALIGN AGNH6NH004X.  It will reach the 3rd bearing block and is the shaft and rotorhead the conversion was designed for with no modifications needed.

For ALIGN DFC Rotorhead, you can use ALIGN AGNH55H001AX, though the shaft will not reach down into the 3rd bearing block.  This should not be a problem as the 3rd block is not strictly necessary with the relatively low power of nitro.  Alternatively, you can use ALIGN AGNH6NH004XX and cut off some of the top of the shaft so that the head will slide down enough for the jesus bolt to go into the bottom hole.  With the cut 600XN shaft, the 3rd bearing block will be used.

Anti-Rotation Guide Info:
The AR guide uses simple slot design to attach to the frame.  The frame has a slot, and the guide has a corresponding notch that fits into those slots.  To prevent excessive slop, the slots in the frame sides were purposefully made slightly undersized.  As a result, you will likely have to sand/file some, either off the inside of the slot or the outside of the guide, in order to get a good fit.  Be patient and take the time to make the fit perfect for a slop free solid attachment.  If you feel it's necessary, you can use the included AR guide brackets to more firmly attach the guide to the frame.  These are not needed, but can be used to provide additional support for the guide.  Screws are included in the kit to mount them if you so desire.

Servo Mounting:
The throttle and tail servo are intended to be screwed directly into the frame using the original self-tapping screws that the T-REX 600N uses, which normally thread into plastic screw nuts.  On this conversion, the screws instead thread directly into the frame, with no need for the screw nuts, making it much easier to install the servos without having to fiddle with the screw nuts.  If you do not like this, you can drill out the servo holes to 1/8" and use the plastic screw nuts.  The holes are drilled to the size required for screwing directly to the carbon to give you the option to choose which method you would prefer.

It's a similar story for the elevator/center servo on cyclic.  The holes are intentionally undersized, and depending on which servo you have and how you are going to be mounting them, you may screw the servo directly to the carbon fiber like the front servos, or drill the holes out and use the screw nuts.  The geometry can be different from one servo to another and different servos may be better with different mounting methods.  Once again the holes are left undersized to give you a choice.  You can screw the servo down from the inside or outside depending on the geometry, though in our test model, inside seems the best for the servos we used.

The 600N DFC uses shouldered screws in some areas, such as the clutch stack and bearing blocks.  This conversion does not use those, and instead comes with the required M3 socket head screws for those areas.  The T-REX 550X parts do come with screws, but due to the 550X using plastic molding in the frame sides, those screws are not suitable for this kit.