T-REX 470L Antenna Guide



No matter what radio system and receiver you’re running, you need somewhere to put your antennas.  You could tape them to the frame, but that could introduce shadowing issues depending on the orientation of the helicopter.  With this boom-mounted antenna guide you can keep your antennas at the proper 90 degree angle far away from the RF-shielding carbon frame.

This product includes:
1 x Antenna Guide for T-REX 470L (PLA Plastic)
2 x M2x14 Screws

Important:  Because the guide is mounted to the boom, which may be ripped off in a hard crash, it’s important to make sure your antennas are loose in the guide so they don’t get ripped out of the receiver if the boom departs.  Make sure the antennas slide through the guide relatively freely.


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